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Title : Keep the news
Author : cabir
Date : June 4, 2019

-=[How do i do my technological watch ?]=-

The only social network I use to do my Technology Watch is Twitter. Nothing more effective than to keep up to date with the latest news from the world of the latest Physical or Online CTFs. For my part, I use Twitter in two ways: Either with TweetDeck. Either with the official app. On TweetDeck, you can group #hastag and/or users into lists. I use a list of hashtag #security and #cyberdefense and #cybersecurity. As well as a list of tweeting accounts the latest CVEs @CERT_FR, @ExploitDB, @inj3ct0r But knowing that I spend a lot more time on my phone to do my standby, so I mainly use the mobile application. I recommend to follow: @Cyber_Veille @yeswehack @Snowden @offsectraining @defcon @nolimitsecu @comptoirsecu @TheHackersNews @Hack5 @three_cube @RachelTobac @HydeNS33k @binitamshah @x0rz @nixcraft @estefanniegg @CERT_FR @Ogma_Sec @owasp @hasherezade @0xmitsurugi @Sh0ckFR @qingxp9 @intellipus @Fumik0_ @Europol That's a good start. There is both technical and non-technical content.

RSS Feedly

For a monitoring gathering papers from the media and not from researchers or of students, I use Feedly. An account is required, and the free version is more than enough for me. Feedly is synchronized between your devices. I find this tool very effective because it allows to remove duplicates, it has also lists to look at later. We can group our RSS feeds under different categories. I'm trying to get as many different sources as possible. I group this under 5 categories: Cybersecurity, Hacking, IT, Politics, Writeups.


As for the monitoring for ctfs, I recommend you: lambdhack- @lambdhack's personal blog BinaryLabs - @Tomtombinary Personal Blog - CTF and InfoSec oriented papers low level. BitsDeep - @ENOENT Personal Blog - CTF and InfoSec papers oriented low level and cryptography. Haax - Haax.fr HacknDo - beta.hackndo.com


Saucs is a tool developed by Nicolas Crocfer aka @ncrocfer. It allows you to aggregate the latest CVEs discovered by choosing the type of technology on which they apply (These vulnerabilities can be sorted by different attributes such as the score or the version of the technology for example). The site is available on saucs.com Saucs has an API that is still in progress of evolution as I write this article.


I also wanted to share with you these few channels that deal with computer security: - STOK - Michael Reeves - LockPicking Lawyer - LiverOverflow - HACK2G2
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